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What if you could radically accelerate your progress towards product/ market fit in just one week?

That's exactly what happens at a
gravitytank design sprint.


“The life of any startup can be divided into two parts – before product / market fit and after product / market fit.”

- Marc Andreessen

Product / Market Fit

That magical connection between your product and people with a real need. For early stage startups it’s the only thing that really matters. A gravitytank design sprint focuses on one of three key ingredients of fit:


A killer solution that’s meaningfully different from other options available to your customers


A system of touchpoints that connects your product to your market in a resonant and compelling way


A deep understanding of target customers—who they are, what they want, and what it takes to win them over

Product /

UX Sprint

Learn which features will actually motivate customers to buy your product. Design a user experience that will delight them and create competitive differentiation.

  • feature prioritization
  • learn how to conduct rapid, interactive user testing
  • rough UX and feature prototypes
  • visual assets use in marketing, pitches or crowdfunding campaigns
Market /

User Sprint

Get clarity on who your target customer really is, what they need, and how to communicate your value proposition to them in a way that resonates logically and emotionally.

  • target user definition
  • detailed user personas
  • customer videos, photos, stories and quotes (great for investor meetings)
  • learn how to do great customer interviews
Brand /

Brand Sprint

Define your product’s positioning, and how to communicate it to customers through your most important brand touchpoints: name, logo, imagery, language, tone of voice, color, and typeface.

  • brand positioning
  • design language, look and feel
  • direction on name, logo, imagery, video
  • copywriting and messaging options
  • learn how to talk to users about your product in their language

When you put your team and gravitytank in a room together for one week, amazing things happen.

“We came in on Monday with a boot-strapped identity and left on Friday with a brand personality, positioning and voice that embodied Scout as a company. The sprint not only produced our amazing logo, but it laid the foundation for every other consumer touchpoint we’ve built."

Scout Alarm
Dan Roberts
Founder & CEO

→ Visit the case study 

“We got more clarity spending a week with gravitytank than we could have in months on our own. By day three we were doing guerrilla research with users. Together, we redefined our target customer (it's not who we originally thought!) and figured out how to address their key needs and values with our product."

Naked Labs
Ed Sclater
Co-Founder & COO


“During our sprint, we came to understand our core customers and what they really care about, which actually changed how we thought about Tovala’s value proposition (more convenience, less “foodie”) and informed some critical, time-sensitive decisions about positioning, product design and branding.”

David Rabie
Founder & CEO


"We had been working on our recipes for 18 months, but we still had a lot of questions about how we should serve our food. The tests we did at gravitytank showed us we could make our menu simpler and there is no doubt our customer experience will be much better because of it."

Bright Wok
Jeremy Klaben
Founder & CEO

→ Visit the case study 

One week. One team. Intense Focus.

Imagine how much you could accomplish in a week with no distractions? Design sprints marry startups with a team of 3-4 gravitytank designers, researchers and strategists. They take place in our studio (SF or Chicago) and require startup clients to be co-located with us for the entire week. Dedicating the entire team to a singular focus for the entire week is the best way to make huge gains in very little time.

Why gravitytank?

For 15+ years we’ve helped the biggest companies in the world understand their markets and design better products. Sprints take these proven tools and methods and scale them to startup size and startup speed.


The fee for a one-week design sprint is $25k.

(plus out-of pocket expenses such as research incentives, prototyping materials, etc.)

Interested? Please get in touch.

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